TBC provides services to Commercial, Government and Private Clients

Our services include:


Fiber Optic / Copper Cable Termination & Maintenance Services

  • Cable enclosure preparation and installation
  • Single mode fiber cable network backhaul routes and campus single mode, multimode, and copper cable routes (underground plant and aerial plant)
  • Fiber route plan review to determine conflicts or proposed utility crossings
  • Cable tag, cable marker sign and pull hole maintenance
  • Permit approvals – City, State and County Municipalities
  • Inspections
  • Consulting Services
  • Project materials order and purchasing
  • Project management


Inside Plant Fiber Optic and Copper Services

  • Installation of cable connecting hardware and cable pathway installation for conduits, cable tray, ladder rack systems, AC power, DC battery plant, grounding backbone and floor penetrations by using coring method
  • Equipment rack and cabinet installations
  • Complete Data Center build-out and wreck-out
  • Wire management and telecom closet clean-up
  • Maintenance and support for Moves, Adds and Changes (MAC)
  • Copper installation and labeling (category 3, 5e and 6)

Outside Plant Fiber Optic and Copper Services

  • Underground cable route construction services including trenching, jackhammer and restore, directional bore, open trench, manhole, pull hole, and vault placement, asphalt and concrete pavement restoration, conduit and inner-duct installation, single-mode and multimode fiber placement for loose tube armored and dielectric PE sheet jacket cable, copper cable placement, and cable marker sign installation
  • Building entrance, Hand Hole and Manhole Coring
  • Fiber network audits (enclosures, route segments, and fiber optic patch panels)
  • Material orders
  • Auditing and inspection
  • Fiber and copper cable route feasibility studies